Official statements and resources provided by Pastor Mapson and our Leadership Team throughout the COVID-19 pandemic




MBC COVID-19 UPDATE (MAY 27, 2020)


We are now over two months into this world-wide pandemic called COVID19, a virus that has already killed close to 100,000 and infected people in the United States alone. Nationwide it seems that the virus has reached its peak, though there are several hot spots that remain, including a congested city like Philadelphia.

In speaking for the government, the President of the United States, in order to pacify his base, recently announced that churches should reopen immediately because they are “essential.” But our health and wellbeing are, also, essential for black people. He has no authority to tell black churches or any churches for that matter, when to reopen or to decide for us what’s essential for our faith. Our faith is not in a building but in Christ. The worst thing we can do is to go back to business as usual as if nothing has happened.

As I reported to you when the pandemic began, each Tuesday afternoon for the past two months, I have a zoom call with my leadership team, when we review and discuss the physical and spiritual state of our church and to be sure that during this critical time we are seeing to it that our giving is sufficient to take care of our financial obligations and just as important, that the spiritual life of the church is sustained through our deacons’ ministry and by members checking in on members. Because that’s what families do. They look out for one another. We monitor the needs of the congregation as best we can to see to it that no member is in need or falls through the cracks, since these kinds of disasters always affect ordinary people in a way it does not affect the rich and privileged.

The leadership team is made up of the pastor, two deacons including the chair, two trustees including the chair, our executive director, our creative director, and our administrative assistant.

Rest assured that members of our leadership team are already putting in place procedures that everyone who will enter the building must follow, when the time comes, as we continue to listen to our health experts for sensible direction. These procedures will involve the weekly sanitizing of the sections in the building where we may gather, social distancing in the pews and the wearing of masks, and possibly taking temperatures of all who enter, including me, selecting who enters and how many at a time, as well as other mandatory procedures that will be implemented when the time comes. I emphasize, when the time comes. We are in the process of rethinking how we will worship, how we will lift our offerings, how we will observe the Lord’s Supper, how we will pray. Why come back too soon if the church can’t be the church?

As pastor, my sacred duty is the flock, the safety and wellbeing of the people over which God has made me overseer and shepherd. Also, rest assured that we are monitoring the situation weekly and even daily and will keep you updated should there be in changes in how we proceed. I thank you for your strong support thus far and urge you to continue to give as God has blessed you. Pray for me and my strength and let us pray for one another and continue to wait on the Lord.




Rev Dr. J. Wendell Mapson, Jr.

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